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About the Founder

PGBR Enterprises is currently creating a buzz in the fruit and food processing industry. Sri, Parvathaneni Bala Gangadhar Rao who called as Babji Garu is the honorable Chairman and managing director of the PGBR Enterprises Private Limited.

He is a professional acumen in the Agriculture cultivation for the last 30 years. Being the successful farmer in the agro commodities, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, he wishes that everyone in the world should benefit from his knowledge. This is the major reason for Babji Garu founded this PGBR Enterprises Private Limited.

Apart from a successful farmer, he found the innovative methods for water resources and has expertise in yielding optimum seeds on plantations. Additionally, he holds a degree in B.Sc agriculture. Mostly, he focused on the Girijan community lands where many unused and infertile lands were available.

He worked out and converted those unused/infertile lands into the blossoming land, which is highly suitable for farming. Because of his dedication, determination, and discipline, he becomes an eminent personality in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states and has plenty of followers as well.

He is now working on the objective of minimizing food waste and uses it as the organic manure to have a good yield with better margins.